Writing competition launched in all EU countries


November saw the launch of a writing competition from the European Commission which was developed and promoted by ICF Mostra. The competition for the Directorate-General for Enlargement was launched in all 28 EU Member States and invites young people to put their thoughts on the enlargement of the Union into writing. The submitted essays will be judged at national level, with the winners from each country receiving a trip to Brussels as a prize.

What we did

ICF Mostra undertook research into the interests and motivations of the target audience (EU citizens aged 18-25) when developing the concept of the competition. Bearing in mind the young audience the Commission wanted to attract, the titles, visuals and website were all designed with them in mind.

To coordinate this decentralised campaign ICF Mostra worked with its international partner organisations in all 28 Member States, and also with its promotional partners – College of Europe and Café Babel. To assist them in their promotional and organisational efforts, ICF Mostra compiled media, stakeholder and jury packs − in all EU languages − which provided background information about the campaign, a ready-made press release and other useful campaign tips. Attractive visuals were designed and a dedicated online application platform, as well as social media activities are being used to encourage applications.

Why we did it

As a result of successive enlargements, the EU is the largest economy in the world, with more than 500 million citizens and more weight internationally than ever before. Despite this, the policy has come under attack recently from the national press and politicians. The European Commission wished to promote informed debate on the topic by encouraging young people to reflect on their experiences of EU enlargement and how it will help us meet the challenges of the future.

What’s next?

The writing competition will run until 27 February 2015, after which the national juries, coordinated centrally by ICF Mostra, will select a winner per country. ICF Mostra will then put together a programme of events for the winners to enjoy on their study trip to Brussels later in 2015.

More information

Writing competition platform

Enlargement Commissioner Hahn announces the competition



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