What next for EU Arctic policy?


A conference on the EU’s Arctic Policy was held in Brussels on 1 – 2 June. The European Commission and the European External Action Service asked ICF Mostra to organise the event which was attended by more than 100 participants. The conference encompassed many subjects related to the future of international cooperation in the Arctic from sustainable development to the protection of the environment and the indigenous people currently living there.

The conference, held in Silken Berlaymont Brussels hotel, brought together Arctic stakeholders, including private sector representatives, scientists, academics, NGOs, Arctic States, EU Member States and indigenous peoples. In order to organise the one-and-a-half-day event, ICF Mostra managed the conference registration site and hired a moderator, rapporteur and technicians. We also handled travel details of more than 15 high representatives, including three Ambassadors, a former Prime Minister, and participants from Canada and across the EU. A webstream of the panels was directly uploaded online at the end of each day, allowing those unable to attend to view the proceedings.

The conference was organised for the Foreign Policy Instruments (FPI) of the European Commission and for the European External Action Service (EEAS). The future of the Arctic is a trending topic due to the geo-political and economic uncertainties which are resulting from ice melting in the region. The Nordic countries, Canada, United States and Russia have all taken a strong interest in the future of the Arctic, therefore there may be many more Arctic Policy conferences to come.

Check out the official website and the webstreamed speeches of the Arctic event.


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