Volunteering made simple: ICF Mostra helps promote new initiative


EU Aid Volunteers (EUAV) is a new initiative from the Directorate-General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO) which also includes the Directorate-General for Education and Culture (EAC) and the Audio-visual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). ICF Mostra has been working to give the initiative a strong identity and make it more accessible for interested organisations through creating a series of videos and revamping the administrative procedure for interested organisations.


Our work began in September 2015 with setting up a TV set at the second Back to Base conference, held each year during the three-year pilot phase. At this conference, ICF Mostra organised and filmed about 10 mini-debates and 25 micro-interviews in the speakers’ original languages. This complex task was done with five cameras, an ENG film crew and several video editors. Two longer videos were also produced during the Back to Base conference: an interview of Commissioner Christos Stylianides announcing the official EUAV launch and a video about how it works in practice for sending and hosting organisations.

ICF Mostra also created an animated clip explaining the three-step application process for interested organisations. This video aims to engage organisation in building partnerships and applying for EU funds.

After a three-year pilot, EUAV was launched in September 2015 to create opportunities for 4,000 EU citizens, 4,400 people from non-EU, disaster-affected countries and 10,000 online volunteers to be trained and do humanitarian work by 2020. However, the subsequent call for volunteers has been delayed. ICF Mostra has stepped in to help explain and simplify the certification process for organisations. In the future, we may focus our work on promoting and increasing the visibility of the initiative to volunteers.

EU Aid Volunteers

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