The power of the image


19 August. Against the backdrop of UN World Humanitarian Day (WHD), the European Commission (DG ECHO) chose ICF Mostra to develop and implement a poster campaign aimed at raising public awareness of the increasing dangers faced by humanitarian workers around the globe.

What we did

The EC campaign needed to focus on a specific issue linked to the provision of humanitarian aid – the fact that each year, relief workers of all kinds are increasingly at risk of being wounded, kidnapped or killed working in the field. It needed to create synergy, too, with the WHD, and it needed to be highly visible and eye-catching, foreseen to be displayed, courtesy of our media buying strategy, in train and metro stations, at bus stops, on streets, in airports – and on Facebook.

The alarming statistics already spoke for themselves. How, then, to couple these with three visually-arresting images that, combined with the short body copy, could deliver a powerful message in the few moments it takes for a passer-by to glance at, and take in the content of, a poster? Our strategic and creative teams put their heads together and came up with three bold headlines and photographs that encapsulated, in a flash, our message: direct, respectful, informative – and intended to make the audience think. After all, this was about raising awareness.

Who we reached

Launched on 19 August in different locations in Prague, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Stockholm, Lisbon and London, the campaign runs for around three weeks, stopping travellers and tourists in their tracks during the peak holiday season. Through page post link adverts on social media in Portuguese, Czech, French, Dutch and Spanish, we have already exceeded by 3.5 times our initial Key Performance Indicators, generating a total 19,980 clicks and an impressive CTR of 1.89 %. As an unexpected bonus (since it was not the campaign’s aim), we also generated almost 600 fans, and the personal endorsement of several well-known NGOs.

EC Directorate-General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection

World Humanitarian Day 2014: Honouring relief workers in danger around the globe

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