The power of statistics


Despite the recent economic crisis, gross domestic product per capita in the European Union increased by 13.2% between 2000 and 2014. Figures like this can be used to shed light on how our economy, society and environment interact. To help showcase the power of statistics, ICF Mostra created a video on behalf of Eurostat – the statistical office of the EU.

The short video entitled ‘Eurostat | Europe in statistics’ used the different components of a clock ‘ticking’ together to show how statistics connect the world around us. ICF Mostra came up with the concept before developing a script and animation that combined a clear message with viewer-friendly graphics. Eurostat’s Director General Walter Radermacher was also filmed by ICF Mostra in Luxembourg as he featured in the introduction and closing section of the clip.

The video, available with German and French subtitles, was created to engage with the general public and to support Eurostat’s role in developing the EU's agenda for growth and jobs. This was ICF Mostra’s first project for Eurostat who shared the video amongst their stakeholders across their social media channels. Check it out for yourself here:

Eurostat video

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