Test yourself - How well do you know Europe?


On behalf of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROWTH), ICF Mostra developed and is now managing a Facebook game to test your knowledge of European destinations! The game is part of the European Commission’s tourism campaign ‘Europe. Wonder is all around.’ Until 21 November, play the ‘Wonder Game’ to find out how well you know Europe!

Planning a holiday in Europe we often think of strolling the streets of Paris, taking a gondola through Venice’s canals or enjoying London’s multicultural and fun neighbourhoods. But Europe has far more to offer and getting off the beaten track can be challenging at times.

For this reason, the aim of the Facebook game is to help tourists discover Europe’s hidden gems! The game has been played more than 7,200 times so far.

In the ‘Wonder Game’ players have to guess the exact location of both famed and less-known destinations. Players have a chance to win a Lonely Planet Europe travel guide each week.

The campaign’s second phase kicked off last month but ICF Mostra has been involved since before day 1 of the June launch. For the second time in a row, DG GROWTH entrusted us with developing a tourism campaign, this time to encourage Europeans to discover Europe off-season and off the beaten track.

To promote the ‘Europe. Wonder is all around.’ campaign, we developed a website and a Facebook application featuring a wonder map, where travellers, European stakeholders and bloggers have uploaded their photos and stories, reaching over 300 entries. In addition, ICF Mostra produced four campaign videos and several infographics.

Ready to explore? Play the ‘Wonder Game’ now! Follow #MyWonderfulEurope on social media for more.


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