Supporting high level events across the globe


As the European Union deepens relations with foreign nations, ICF Mostra provided a range of services for several high level events recently organised in Asia and North America.

On behalf of the EU’s Service for Foreign Policy Instruments (FPI) and in close collaboration with EU delegations, we teamed up with the lead event organiser IBF International Consulting.

Our team helped design products for the high level Asia-Europe Meeting on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in Vietnam; we provided digital services for the EU-Korea Business Forum in Seoul and the 3rd High Level Dialogue on ASEAN-EU Maritime Security Cooperation in Thailand. Plus, we developed a dedicated website and provide several other digital services for the EU-Canada Energy Conference 2016 in Ottawa. Our teams ran press relations activities and designed communication materials for all these events, too!

ICF Mostra had a chance to put our global expertise to the test. Within a short deadline, our teams liaised with all parties involved to provide a range of communication services across different continents, all the while having to deal with different languages and several time zones!

Our efforts paid off, particularly in Seoul, where the EU-Korea Business Forum garnered impressive media coverage! The event, which featured high level keynote speakers including the European Commission’s VP Jyrki Katainen, generated nearly 50 media reports.

The FPI events provided an opportunity to enhance the dialogue between the EU and foreign nations on pressing issues like climate change, energy and trade.

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