Sparking global action for the World Humanitarian Summit


Last September the European Commission adopted seven key action areas to mobilise global humanitarian action. Ahead of the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) in May 2016, the Directorate General of Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO) tasked ICF Mostra to design a series of communications material to promote these key messages to stakeholders and the general public.

We produced a twenty page booklet, a parallax, eight infographics, social media banners and two roll-ups. An animated video was also designed to explain the severity of the current humanitarian crisis while detailing the EU’s seven key action areas. Across each focus area, the clip used a creative combination of rolling images featuring aid workers alongside clear and concise graphics.

DG ECHO wanted user-friendly, colourful and illustrated content that would support their communication plan "Towards the World Humanitarian Summit: a global partnership for a principled and effective humanitarian action". ICF Mostra designed all communication material in line with this criteria and delivered everything early September in order for all content to be distributed in the build-up of the ‘Global Consultation Meeting in Geneva’, 14-16 October.

The deliverables marked the end of the second phase of the campaign, the next, and final, phase will take place in the build up to the WHS in 2016. The WHS was organised in response to an unprecedented increase in the number of people affected by conflicts and natural disasters. @WHSummit #ReShapeAid

‘Towards the World Humanitarian Summit: the European Commission's vision to reshape aid’WHS


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