Reporting Green Week: ICF Mostra promotes wide coverage


Each year the European Commission Directorate-General for Environment (DG ENV) hosts Green Week, which has become the ‘not-to-be-missed’ event for people involved in protecting the environment. In order to promote coverage of the event, ICF Mostra facilitated audiovisual coverage and produced six videos during Green Week (3-5 June 2015).

Our teams’ work resulted in three daily news reports (covering a summary for each day) and three ‘hot topic’ videos for DG ENV. The ‘hot topic’ videos featured European Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans and experts in the field of nature and biodiversity such as Executive Secretary for the Convention of Biological Diversity Braulio Dias, and Environmental researcher and Professor at UFZ Aletta Bonn. These videos (links below) were available daily via Europe by Satellite (EbS) and via the Green Week’s dedicated website, for journalists wishing to cover the subjects.

In addition, ICF Mostra identified and invited specific journalists to the event and organised interviews with speakers. A news room was set up at Green Week, allowing us to facilitate media coverage on-site. The invited journalists were able to use the ICF Mostra camera crews and equipment to cover their stories instead of having to bring their own.

Green Week is the largest annual conference on European environmental policy and this year’s theme was ‘Nature and biodiversity’. Environmental reporters and news editors from national media were invited in order to generate quality reporting across the widest possible audience.

Coverage has already occurred in several member states such as Bulgaria (bTV), Germany (Deutsche Welle), Croatia (HRT), and Slovenia (TV Slovenija). ICF Mostra will continue to monitor media coverage of the event through October 2015.



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