Record readers for Horizon magazine


ICF’s Mostra scored a record readership on Saturday June 6 for Horizon – the e-magazine it produces for the EU’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation.

The article Driverless taxis to become a major form of transport 'in 10 years' attracted over 18,000 readers in one weekend, with 10,000 views on Saturday alone, after it went viral on social media, attracting hundreds of comments. That’s more than three times the typical weekly readership of 3,000.

It came just a week after ICF Mostra renewed the contract for the fourth year running to produce Horizon – an online daily magazine which features EU-funded research in a way that is makes it relevant to the general public.

Since the launch of the magazine in 2013, readership has grown week by week, with the number of readers doubling since January 2015.

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