Quiz time! ICF Mostra designed Facebook quiz to promote Nature in Europe


ICF Mostra has designed, developed and managed a new Facebook application to promote Nature in Europe, a programme of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for the Environment. The application, which took the form of a weekly quiz from November 3rd to November 30th, has so far attracted 1,381 unique participants who had the chance of winning a National Geographic subscription or even a trip to the Ice Hotel in Sweden.

ICF Mostra developed the whole application completely from scratch with their in-house creative, web and social media teams. Tasks ranged from drafting the quiz questions to designing and developing the web and the mobile versions of the application and then encouraging fans to take part through Facebook posts.

With minimal budget for promotion, ICF Mostra had to get creative. This is where the ‘challenge’ element of the competition came in. Every week of the quiz, participants could invite their friends to challenge them on some of the questions. If they won, they received extra points which helped them on their way to winning the main prize. This aspect has succeeded in organically spreading the word about the competition and about the importance of protecting Europe’s biodiversity.

Nature in Europe on Facebook

European Commission Directorate-General for Environment



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