Promoting the Wonders of Europe


The European Commission’s tourism campaign ‘Europe. Wonder is all around.’ was launched this month. ICF Mostra, as the contractor entrusted by the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROWTH) to implement the campaign is playing an important role managing the campaign’s main activities from web development and content production to social media, stakeholder and media relations outreach. The ‘Europe. Wonder is all around.’ Facebook App, developed by ICF Mostra, is the campaign’s hub and features a photo competition aimed at discovering Europe’s hidden wonders.

ICF Mostra was contracted by DG GROWTH to develop an integrated campaign looking to promote not only Europe’s well-known destinations but also its hidden gems. The ‘Europe. Wonder is all around.’ campaign, which runs until February 2017, uses four themes and a special hashtag: #MyWonderfulEurope to address citizens from all Member States of the European Union.

ICF Mostra developed the creative concept and the content, produced a series of communication materials, including a Facebook App, four videos, travel reports and infographics, and made sure the EU could engage with the right target audiences with stakeholder engagement, media relations outreach, cinema and online advertising activities. In addition, ICF Mostra is playing an important organisational role in the Commission efforts to promote Europe as a tourism destination in tourism fairs in some key third markets in collaboration with our PROI partners in the United States.

The campaign’s Facebook App features a ‘Wonder Map’ where users are able to upload photos of European destinations to win a train trip through Europe. This photo contest runs until 14 July and each user can upload up to five photos to illustrate their travels and favourite ‘wonders’ in Europe. The 100 photos garnering the most votes will enter the 100 Wonders of Europe collection, from which three winners will be selected by a panel of judges.

In the next phase of the campaign, ICF Mostra is in charge of developing and launching other activities to engage with the citizens.

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