Preventing radicalisation in the EU – ICF Mostra helps tell the story


ICF Mostra has recently produced a set of five video testimonies for the European Commission’s DG HOME to profile its support of efforts to counter radicalisation in the EU.

The first video testimony is an interview with Omar Ramadan, Head of the EU supported Secretariat of the Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN). Established by the European Commission in 2011, RAN is an EU-wide umbrella network connecting key organisations and networks of local actors across Europe involved in preventing radicalisation to terrorism and violent extremism.

Two additional, very personal testimonies are with two UK citizens who describe their first-hand experiences of having been radicalised themselves, and then getting out of it. The final two testimonies are with professionals who work with de-radicalisation and rehabilitation in Belgium and Denmark.

These timely stories help to show that the EU is helping to combat radicalisation and prevent the flow of so-called ‘foreign fighters’ – persons who are currently leaving their homes in countries of the European Union to go take up arms in places like Syria and Iraq.

ICF Mostra has been liaising with television stations in countries with the highest levels of foreign fighters for use of the interview footage in their own news stories on the subject. The testimonies are available on ICF Mostra’s TV Link service in several downloadable formats together with the scripts and additional background information for journalists.

Watch the videos

More information about the EC’s role in combatting radicalisation

More information about RAN

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