Paperless conference – an ICF Mostra first for the European Commission


The creation of an innovation-friendly environment across Europe is a key element in the EU strategy to create growth and jobs, making it easier for great ideas to be turned into products and services. But if you’re going to promote innovation, you need to do it in an unusual and memorable way! The platform? The Innovation Convention, a two-day event in early March at the Square Brussels Meeting Centre. With 2 254 participants presenting – from VIPs and Nobel Prize winners to artists and astronauts – the conference offered co-organiser ICF Mostra an irresistible challenge: make it truly innovative! The E-Card, developed by our partner (true technical wizards) proved to be a winning solution.

The project

This was all about creating the best possible environment to foster debate, facilitate exchange, boost ideas – and generate excitement! A number of different activities needed to be catered for, including a high-level conference attended by EC President José Manuel Barroso and EU Research Commissioner Máire Georghegan-Quinn, and a vast 1 800m² exhibition, which we divided up into different areas: showcase space for innovators like Google, Microsoft and Materialise, networking spaces for sharing contacts and chat, and cosy corners just for a well-earned rest! We customised each area with a distinct décor and ambience.

The stand-outs

Capitalising on the cutting-edge registration system developed by our event partner, we registered almost 3 500 participants and visitors online. Each received a unique, interactive E-card with their name, organisation and photo linked to a private account. Thanks to new ‘Near Field’ communication technology, participants were able to collect digital information, network/exchange contacts and use social media in real time throughout the conference and exhibition, simply by swiping their card at one of the special touch-screen kiosks dotted about.

With visible, high-coverage technology, fluent registration flow, easy-to-use applications and a rich database of participants, this proved to be an event very much ‘fit for the theme’!

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