Mostra helps TreeTop open up the stock exchange to Belgians


Investing in the stock exchange is not the norm for the Belgian public. This is in no part due to a lack of available funds. In fact, Belgium has over 230 billion euros sitting idly on individual savings accounts, earning recipients very little in terms of interest.

TreeTop seeks to change the investment behaviour of Belgians in order to bring real returns for their hard earned ‘savings’. TreeTop’s quality investment management services have until now being the privileged domain of those few with substantial fortunes to invest. This new online platform will mean that now with as little as 250 euros the public can invest part of its savings in TreeTop funds and effectively receive the same ‘private banking’ services as the privileged few.

TreeTop called upon Mostra to develop a communication strategy and platform to present its unique offering to the public. This is being supported by an ambitious media plan with a host of communication materials appearing in Belgian magazines, websites and daily newspapers. The TreeTop’s website has also been redesigned to incorporate ‘TreeTop online’ and a variety of educational and product explanation videos are available on the website and on Youtube (

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