Mostra helps EC raise awareness of tax fraud


Using the creative campaign concept of ‘the missing part’, Mostra is helping the European Commission’s DG for Taxation and Customs Union to raise awareness of the extent to which tax fraud and tax evasion affects our lives and society. Estimates put the loss at € 1 trillion a year which is ironically double the amount needed to pay off the average annual government debt across the EU. Undeclared work and under-reporting of income is largely to blame for the ‘missing part’ of our tax revenue.

Mostra created the campaign concept, complete with its own landing page, infographics, and video clip available in 23 EU languages. The idea is to remind people of what is missing due to this invisible problem. Using somber imagery, the video uses unusual scenes to literally show what ‘the missing part’ takes away from our public services, infrastructure, and even the next generation.

Mostra is working to disseminate the video clip as far and as wide as possible across Europe, especially on social media. It has received one million views online so far. By getting people to go to the campaign’s landing page and find out more, they will also learn more about the European Commission’s action plan to tackle the issue, because it’s not just a national issue, its worldwide and the EU is working hard to coordinate efforts to fight it.

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