More Cannes Dolphin trophies to join the ICF Mostra pod


We are excited to announce that two ICF Mostra videos will be awarded at the 2015 Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards on 14 -15 October! Congratulations go out to the teams who worked on "Bristol – European Green Capital 2015" and "Testimonies of formerly radicalised persons: Usama Hasan".

These two videos were among 722 entries from around the world for the prestigious Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. They have been chosen as part of 152 distinguished videos. Which colour Dolphin trophy (Gold, Silver, Black and the White Dolphin – the Grand Prix) these films will receive is still unknown!

We submitted a celebration clip for the winner of the 2015 European Green Capital Award, Bristol, in the category of ‘Corporate Films and Videos – Environmental Issues and Concerns’. ICF Mostra was asked by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Environment (DG ENV) to produce a video seeking to promote the city of Bristol as European Green Capital Award (EGCA) winner 2015. EGCA aims to provide an incentive for cities to inspire each other and share best practices, while at the same time engaging in friendly competition. This film is already a winner, having won a ‘Cézame Music Agency’ Special Award at the Deauville Green Awards earlier this year.

Another submission up for an award was part of a series of five de-radicalisation videos testimonies produced for the European Commission’s Directorate General of Home Affairs (DG HOME) to profile its support of efforts to counter radicalisation in the EU. We submitted this video in the category 'TV Documentaries - Ethnology & Sociology'. Usama Hasan’s story is a positive example of formerly radicalised European citizens who now speak out against extremism. This powerful video is meant to be used in various fora (online, at conferences) over several years. All the testimonies are available on ICF Mostra’s TV Link.

The Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards are held each year to honour the finest corporate films, online media and TV documentaries. ICF Mostra representatives will attend at the Gala dinner in Palm Beach Cannes and accept the awards in October, expanding our office ‘pod’ to a total of 13 Dolphins!

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