Jobseekers get answers – Live !


Over a thousand jobseekers across Europe joined the successful live Facebook EURESchat few days ago to find out more about living and working in Norway. ICF Mostra is proud to have helped so many people find and share answers to their questions about pursuing a career in an European country other than their own.

What we did

At 11 am on Thursday 25 September, during the EURES thematic week focusing on employment in Norway, two Norwegian EURES Advisers and ICF Mostra community manager were on standby online to answer questions from jobseekers.

As over 900 questions and comments came flooding in for Marlena Bråthen and Marisa Chefe Conde, the advisers only just about managed to answer everyone’s queries! The two-hour chat included a total of 174 unique conversations between jobseekers, advisers and ICF Mostra and all of the information shared was publically available to anyone who joined the event.

Why we did it

This was the third EURESchat organised by ICF Mostra and comes after the success of those held during the thematic weeks promoting the EURES portal and another highlighting jobs in Europe’s tourism sector.

ICF Mostra held the EURESchat as part of EURES, the European Employment Service, a network coordinated by the European Commission. Public employment services, trade unions and employers’ organisations partner up, alongside over 850 EURES Advisers, to work with both employers and potential employees in the European Economic Area, helping them to find their perfect match.

Coming next

ICF Mostra is preparing for the next EURESchat based on ‘Your first EURES job’. Young Europeans will be able to seek advice on traineeships, language learning and plenty more issues related to finding employment in an EU country other than their own.

We are looking forward to continuing to help people explore the possibilities of living and working elsewhere in Europe!

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