ICF Mostra to launch EU's 2016 tourism campaign


With its diverse landscapes, culture and history, the 28 countries located within the European Union offer a variety of travel experiences. ‘Europe. Wonder is all around us’ was the key message that won ICF Mostra their second consecutive EU tourism campaign for the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs.

During the first campaign (2012-2014) we targeted third-county nationals with the campaign, ‘Europe. Whenever you’re ready’ . This campaign—which was carried out in collaboration with our Global Network of PR partners—aimed at encouraging travelers from the BRIC countries, plus Argentina and Chile, to choose Europe as their next destination. The main focus of the 2016-2018 campaign is about attracting Europeans to discover Europe off-season and off the beaten track. ICF Mostra’s new campaign aims to find the 100 hidden wonders of Europe.

The campaign will include a website with a ‘wonder map app’ where users can upload their favourite destinations and holiday experiences. ICF Mostra will also create four short videos which will be shown in cinemas before the main feature film, and will activate bloggers all around Europe to share the wonders of their region.

We chose this approach because it features not only the tangible (art, landmarks, nature, festivals, etc.), but also the intangible emotions and connections one feels when travelling within Europe. The campaign’s adaptable nature is further demonstrated by its transferability to different media types to reach all relevant audiences.

The EU’s tourism campaign will begin in early 2016 and will be focused on travelers from Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland and Spain.

Europe. Whenever you’re ready (2012-2014)


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