ICF Mostra sets the stage for Juncker's State of the European Union


On September 9th, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker will address his first State of the European Union speech. He will present a review of what has been achieved since the last EU elections, an overview of upcoming projects, current challenges and his long-term vision of European integration.

As part of a new communication strategy the European Parliament asked ICF Mostra to make the State of the European Union (SOTEU) more of a high profile event among the public. In just two weeks a small EuroparlTV team achieved this with a dramatic video entitled ‘Europe: What’s next?’.

To appeal to online audiences the team decided to focus on the debating nature of the event by combining stills and audio clips of several vocal MEPs looking to challenge Juncker. European Parliament President Martin Schulz then welcomes Juncker to reply with his SOTEU address.

The video was published on the European Parliament’s Facebook page where it received over 5,200 likes and 1,190 shares. This high engagement rate and short production period was an example of ICF Mostra’s ability to deliver quality content despite a tight deadline.

“We showed the European Parliament that we can create a valuable product on short notice,” said Patrick Delfosse, Editor in Chief of EuroparlTV. “Whether it’s content needed for the web or for TV, we want them to feel safe when they call us.”

Learn more about Juncker’s controversial election with ICF Mostra’s documentary “Spitzenkandidat”.


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