ICF Mostra runs unprecedented communications campaign for DG AGRI


2014 sees the culmination of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) multi-annual information and image-building campaign which ICF Mostra has run for the European Commission’s Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development. The scale of this campaign is unprecedented in the history of the Directorate’s communications.

The campaign, under the slogan Taking care of our roots, seeks to raise public awareness and challenge misconceptions about the CAP reform. ICF Mostra designed a simple yet creative campaign to re-establish the link between our daily life and agriculture. It aims to reach out to those outside the farming community to highlight the role agriculture plays in putting the food on our plates, protecting our environment and bringing life to Europe’s rural areas.

ICF Mostra, in partnership with DG AGRI, promoted the CAP reform through a series of initiatives during 2013 and 2014, including a brand new website, TV and cinema adverts, animated clips, events and give-aways.

The adverts are to be shown across all 28 EU Member States and the website and campaign materials are available in 23 languages.

Watch the advert, three new animated clips and all other videos produced for the campaign.



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