ICF Mostra promotes OSHwiki - a new platform for occupational safety and health


OSHwiki has been developed by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) to enable the sharing of knowledge, information and best practices. ICF Mostra has been busy promoting the new platform to local authorities, industry and employee organisations using an engagement approach fully customised to this target audience.

ICF Mostra initially supported the press launch of OSHwiki in the summer of 2014, but without a forward looking communication plan, the initial buzz risked wearing off. Therefore EU-OSHA asked ICF Mostra to help keep the momentum going. ICF Mostra started off by analysing the state-of-play before developing an in-depth communication and community management plan. The strategy also included proposed actions designed to spark growth of the platform.

A palette of communication actions was subsequently launched at the beginning of the year. For example, ICF Mostra prepared an author’s toolkit for OSHwiki contributors that included editorial guidelines and a social media promotion guide which were later disseminated to the authors.

Such as Wikipedia, OSHwiki is based on the wiki concept of developing an online encyclopaedia where users collaborate to create and share knowledge. A wealth of multilingual material and the creation of a go-to database for users is essential to a wiki’s success.

Since January there has already been more than 30 newly registered authors in the OSHwiki community and 33 new entries on the site in numerous languages. There has also been a 183 % boost in monthly visitors to the platform and the social media activity has picked up in terms of sharing, liking and re-posting. ICF Mostra is now expanding upon these activities in order to recruit even more new authors and promote OSHwiki to an even wider audience.


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