ICF Mostra makes Digital Communication Awards shortlist


ICF Mostra has been shortlisted for the Digital Communication Awards 2014 with the new phase of the Generation Awake campaign, “The Awakeners”, in the category “Institutions”.

Every year in the EU we send materials worth around 5 250 million euros to landfill – a huge waste of valuable resources. Therefore ICF Mostra's integrated campaign, produced for the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Environment, aimed to raise public awareness of this waste of our planet’s limited resources and to focus collective energy on recycling and reusing what is seen as “rubbish”.

The idea was to boost visibility and impact of an existing EU campaign on resource efficiency by revitalising the creative strategy, developing engaging and integrated activities, and launching a brand new campaign phase under the theme of better waste management.

So, here’s where the creative strategy came in. ICF Mostra created ‘The Awakeners’, a revamped team of animated characters with a new member, Richard Rubbish. They invite the public to join the quest to change consumption habits, hooking them in via an integrated communication campaign, of which the flagship film, launched on social media, introduced the new movement of the Awakeners (starring its leading man, Richard Rubbish), and directed viewers to their headquarters - a spruced up website in 24 languages, stuffed with interactive tips and videos.

This year, the Digital Communication Awards attracted over 600 applications in its search for innovative and imaginative digital communication. On the evening of September 19, the Awards ceremony will take place in Berlin, where the winners in each category will be officially announced.

Digital Communication Awards Shortlist 2014

Generation Awake Website


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