ICF Mostra helps young people to find a quality job offer in three steps



ICF Mostra has recently developed a pilot campaign in four Member States (Latvia, Romania, Finland and Portugal) to raise awareness of the Youth Guarantee and encourage young people to register with their national employment services to benefit from support.

The Youth Guarantee puts young people in contact with advisors and helps them find quality career opportunities within four months. For the scheme to work, young people need to sign up, which requires the project to be widely visible among young people.

ICF Mostra and its network of partner agencies developed and are currently implementing communication activities jointly with the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion and National Ministries (DG EMPL), as well as in close cooperation with EC Representations. The project was designed as a bottom up exercise, based on the needs of the four Member States.

The campaign will be launched in Finland, Latvia, Portugal and Romania at the end of March and will last until the end of summer 2015.

http://www.mostra.com/en/news/http://www.mostra.com/en/news/ http://www.mostra.com/en/news/ http://www.mostra.com/en/news/

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