ICF Mostra develops live chat application, implements it twice


ICF Mostra’s digital consultants spent the afternoon of 20 April at the Directorate-General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union of the European Commission (DG FISMA) to support the live web chat of the EU Commissioner Jonathan HILL. After two successfully implemented live chats, ICF Mostra is very enthusiastic about this web chat application that could be easily developed under other websites and online portals.

Developed by our digital consultants, the chat application was first used with former EU Commissioner Michel BARNIER last year. This time, ICF Mostra was asked to provide technical support before, during and after the live chat for Commission HILL. We performed front- and backend monitoring and server monitoring to ensure a smooth and interactive 1-hour web chat session. ICF Mostra also made sure an archive of the chat is visible on the DG FISMA’s website.

The online discussion allowed citizens and stakeholders to engage the Commissioner HILL in a consulting session about the Capital Markets Union project, which aims to unlock financing for European businesses. The opportunity to consult live with a Commissioner about the single market and related financial matters proved popular, with 64 % of people visiting the site for the first time.

Public and virtual consultation is becoming an increasingly popular practice with the European Institutions. This tool has vast potential for the future. The chat application has an advanced backend which allows for moderation, management of pre-submitted questions and alerts, chat status management (‘Upcoming’, ‘Live’ and ‘Closed’, including the related content), chat archiving and statistics, and user and role management.

Ask Commissioner Jonathan Hill


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