ICF Mostra covers the EU’s Innovation Convention


From March 10 to 14, Horizon Magazine, produced by ICF Mostra on behalf of the Directorate-General for Research & Innovation, published rolling coverage of the EU’s two-day Innovation Convention. Horizon published an article on the first day of the event, and then produced two updated articles as each day closed.

In order to generate interest in the Innovation Convention, Horizon Magazine published an interview or opinion article by one of the speakers every week for the five weeks leading up to the event.That included an interview with Xavier Damman, the co-founder of Storify, and Ann Mettler, the executive director of the Lisbon Council think tank.

After the event ended, Horizon Magazine followed it up with a vox pop article where attendees gave their opinions on how Europe could become more innovative.

A full programme of the EU's Innovation Convention is available here.


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