Honouring Humanitarian Workers - ICF Mostra launches visual campaign in Europe


World Humanitarian Day (WHD) is once again commemorated by the European Commission's Humanitarian aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO) and ICF Mostra’s visual campaign which draws attention to the challenges and dangers that humanitarian workers face in their work.

Due to positive feedback received from NGOs and campaign partners, ECHO asked ICF Mostra to launch a second edition of its visual campaign in nine additional cities: Milan, Vienna, Bratislava, Tallinn, Vilnius, Kiev, Bucharest, Budapest, and Warsaw.

The campaign will be visible for three weeks. Posters will be seen in transport hubs across the nine cities while advertisements will feature in national media’s print and digital platforms as well as Facebook posts promoted by ECHO.

World Humanitarian Day falls on 19 August to honour 22 aid workers that were killed in 2003’s bombing of the UN headquarters in Baghdad. The annual event continues to remember those who have lost their lives while providing assistance to victims of crises. ECHO would like to make WHD a recognised celebration in Europe.

ECHO supports WHD 2015

ECHO WHD Facebook Page

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