Generation Awake campaign launches


On 4 February, Mostra launched a brand new phase of the ‘Generation Awake’ awareness-raising campaign on behalf of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for the Environment (DG ENV). In 2014 this high profile resource efficiency campaign focuses on better waste management. The target? The general public, aged 25-40. The challenge? Take an existing campaign and action a new creative strategy to engage the interest of its dedicated followers – and build a community of new ones!

The context

Every year in the EU, we’re sending materials worth around EUR 5 250 million to landfill. Why does this matter so much? Because it’s an incredible waste of valuable (and limited) resources – and something that we could all do our bit to tackle, with just a few small changes…

The campaign

How about using our planet’s resources more wisely by reducing waste and reusing our ‘rubbish’? That’s the message at the heart of the new phase of the ‘Generation Awake’ campaign. And the means of spreading that message? A careful selection of targeted, fully-integrated communication tools (in 24 languages) – including a colourful, revamped interactive website, broadcast-quality videos, and an extensive social media campaign with a fun photo contest on Facebook to boost audience engagement.

The creative strategy

We couldn’t ‘preach’ about better waste management. That would turn our audience off. We needed to build on what existed… So we created ‘The Awakeners’, a revamped team of existing animated characters – Impulse Inga, Water maniac Walter, Routine Robbie, Chubby Charlie – and a brand new superhero called Richard Rubbish. In their flagship film and interactive website, these superheroes invite, and explain to, our audience how to join them in their quest to change consumption habits.

This exciting new wave of the campaign will continue with more competitions as well as collaborations with well-known business partners throughout 2014.

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