EU-OSHA sees enormous growth in social media rankings


ICF Mostra, tasked with supporting EU-OSHA (the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work) with their social media activities and promotion, is proud to note that the agency has seen enormous growth in its social media communications in recent years.

This is according to a report recently put out by another European Agency, EIGE (the European Agency for Gender Equality). In it, they analysed the usage of the six most common social media platforms by 37 EU agencies in 2012, 2014, and 2015.

EU-OSHA currently engages followers on three of the main social media platforms, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Although most agencies saw an overall drop-off in Facebook followers in recent years, EU-OSHA managed to receive 13 227 likes to posts on the platform in the last year resulting in a 562 % increase over the previous year. This meant moving up in the rankings six notches to a fourth place position among the top EU agencies on Facebook.

When it comes to LinkedIn, EU-OSHA saw an increase in followers from 3 675 in 2014 to 5 866 in 2015. For Twitter, the agency similarly gained 3 302 new followers since the previous year.

The agency also posts videos on YouTube, where they have come in first place among all agencies with an impressive 379 099 views of their 51 videos, in no small part due to the popularity of their Napo series. Such popular videos have certainly helped ICF Mostra in promoting health and safety issues at work for EU-OSHA, particularly for the bi-annual Healthy Workplaces Campaign and the innovative OSHwiki platform.

Through carefully crafted social media posts that aim to reach out to a wide range of followers and cross promotion of them via other communications channels such as newsletters and stakeholder mailings, ICF Mostra is pleased to play such a helpful role in EU-OSHA’s online success.

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