De-radicalisation stories in the EU – ICF Mostra provides new angle


ICF Mostra successfully promoted the five video testimonies we produced for the European Commission’s DG HOME to engage media and citizens with positive examples of people overcoming radicalisation. The timely stories helped show that the EU is working to combat radicalisation and prevent the flow of ‘foreign fighters’. Direct contact with the media led to 30 reports.

Using videos ICF Mostra produced as a base, we created a complete press pack for further distribution, which also included scripts and background reports for the dissemination of the five videos and accompanying supplementary documents.

In order to host the videos online, ICF Mostra set up a dedicated page on its online video distribution platform for TV professionals TVLink, on which all the videos and related documents were released to the media. Background reports were compiled on the role of the European Commission and the role of the Radicalisation Awareness Network in preventing radicalisation. Three of the videos were in English, while the two videos featuring Belgian and Danish testimonies were subtitled in English. Versions with French subtitles were also made of all five videos. The two background documents were distributed in Danish, German, English, French and Dutch.

To promote the press pack distribution, ICF Mostra orchestrated a large media outreach in countries that have the highest levels of ‘foreign fighters’ – people who have been leaving their homes in European Union countries to take up arms in places like Syria and Iraq. When journalists wanted to get more information from the video interviewees, ICF Mostra arranged direct contact with them. Media organisations were specifically targeted in order to produce a domino-effect, resulting in coverage from quality media such as La Libre Belgique (BE), Ouest-France (FR), Le Figaro (FR), Information (DK), Algemeen Dagblad (NL). Additional media outlets in Europe and beyond picked up coverage of the videos, as well.

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