Celebrating Schengen: Breaking borders within Europe


Three anniversaries for the Schengen area occur in 2015 and to help celebrate, ICF Mostra produced eight short, testimonial-based videos for the European Commission’s Directorate General of Migration and Home Affairs (DG HOME). Each two-minute video highlights a cross-border activity in the lives of Europeans and third-country nationals, and is meant to commemorate the lifting of internal EU border controls, which first went into effect, in 1995.

To produce the clips ICF Mostra identified people for portrait interviews and went on-site to film in several Member States. We also used footage, when possible, to show cross-border situations during pre-Schengen times. The videos are linked with a common introduction, which shortly explains and unites them as a series, and have been subtitled in 23 languages. We also prepared a TEASER. DG HOME showed the videos at the European Commission’s Open Doors Day on 9 May. They are also on exhibit at the European Museum Schengen in Luxembourg.

The videos are designed to remind Europeans of the benefits of the Schengen area which they may be taking for granted, such as increased easy of travel and study in different Member States. Through personal stories, we showed the everyday living, working, studying and travelling situations of European citizens and third-country nationals in border regions within the Schengen area. Some videos contrasted pre- and post-Schengen situations, while others focused solely on present-day activities.

Check out the videos to learn more about the cross-border daily life and business activities Europeans enjoy due to the removal of internal border controls.


Schengen testimonies: Hiking Across Borders

Schengen testimonies: No internal border controls

Schengen testimonies: Cross-Border Transport

Schengen testimonies: Cross-border Work

Schengen testimonies: Cross-border cooperation between hospitals

Schengen testimonies: A single Schengen Visa

Schengen testimonies: Cross-border education

Schengen testimonies: Cross border business

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