Cannes we do it? Yes we did!


One Gold and four Silver Dolphins… That’s what we have taken home from the 5th edition of the prestigious Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards – no mean feat when you consider that, this year, the Awards received a record 725 entries for all over the world!

In August, five entries were short-listed for an award. At that time, we didn’t know ‘the colour’ of those awards. But now the wait is over, and we’re chuffed at the results. Recognising the quality and originality of our audiovisual output, as well as the strategy behind our creative concepts, the five awards are for audiovisual products produced for five diverse EU clients treating subjects that could not be more different:

And the Gold Dolphin goes to…

The Awakeners: as part of a new phase of the Generation Awake campaign of the European Commission’s DG ENV that raises awareness of the importance of better waste management and the value of so-called ‘rubbish’. The clip has the look and feel of a film trailer and has been viewed by 4.5 million – and counting.

And the Silver Dolphins go to…

The Missing Part: produced for the European Commission’s DG TAXUD to raise awareness about the effects of tax fraud and evasion on European citizens, a series of lyrical scenes shows the reactions of different people in diverse situations who find out something important to them is ‘missing’. It has already generated over 1.2 million views.

An interoperable Europe: The Digital Single Market – an EU vision aimed at enhancing citizens experiences of living, working, travelling, studying or setting up a business anywhere in Europe. A dry subject made creative, this clip for the European Commission’s DG DIGIT mixes video and animation and features an orchestra as a way of showing how different instruments playing together produce a harmonious sound.

CAP – Produce food: one of a trilogy produced for the European Commission’s DG AGRI that aims at raising awareness of the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and its beneficial impact on the lives of EU citizens, it highlights the wider role that farmers play in our society to ensure security of high quality, diverse, affordable food.

EU Election Observation Missions (EOMs) – Supporting democracy: Produced for the Service for Foreign Policy Instruments (FPI), this web documentary informs stakeholders of what an EOM is, how it works and how to participate effectively. Different sections make up a comprehensive overview that including examples from a variety of countries (video clips, photo archives, technical factsheets).


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