Can we do it ? Yes we Cannes !


Its summer, and ICF Mostra’s feeling the heat – of the competition. On 12 August, we have been awarded a coveted Dolphin for five videos that we submitted to the 5th edition of the prestigious Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. No mean feat when you consider that, this year, the Awards received a record 725 entries for all over the world! And in just under two month’s time, we’ll find out whether our successful videos merit a Gold, Silver or Black Dolphin – or even, dare we dream, the Grand Prix?

The five entries that most pleased the judges illustrate well the quality, diversity and originality of our audiovisual output, as well as the strategy behind our creative concepts that seek to best marry the issue at stake with the target audience and desired outcome – and transform often ‘dry’ subjects into engaging, memorable and visually-arresting stories.

Here’s the five in a nutshell.

The Missing Part: produced for the European Commission’s DG TAXUD in 23 languages to raise awareness about the effects of tax fraud and evasion on European citizens (one fifth of public money is lost annually). The clip consists of a series of lyrical scenes showing the reactions of different people in diverse situations where something important to them is ‘missing’. This emotionally-driven short clip is a metaphor showing how tax fraud and evasion affect lives and communities. It has generated over 1.2 million views.

The Awakeners: as part of a new phase of the Generation Awake campaign of the European Commission’s DG ENV raising awareness of the importance of better waste management and the value of so-called ‘rubbish’. With the look and feel of a film ‘trailer’, the clip introduces a new character, Richard Rubbish, who leads a team of ‘Awakeners’ united around the common goal of reducing waste. The flagship film has been viewed by 4.5 million – and counting.

An interoperable Europe: The Digital Single Market – an intelligent vision aimed at enhancing Europeans’ experiences of living, working, travelling, studying or setting up a business anywhere in the European Union. Its realisation partly hinges on policy makers taking ‘interoperability’ into consideration when planning an e-service project. This clip for the European Commission’s DG DIGIT mixes video and animation and features an orchestra as a way of showing how different instruments can play together to produce a harmonious sound.

CAP – Produce food: this clip is one of a trilogy produced for the European Commission’s DG AGRI that aims at raising awareness of the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and its beneficial impact on the lives of EU citizens. Highlighting the wider role that farmers play in our society, this lively animation shows how Europe’s farmers are helping to meet the challenges of ensuring security of high quality, diverse, affordable food for more than 500 million Europeans.

EU Election Observation Missions (EOMs) – Supporting democracy: Produced for the Service for Foreign Policy Instruments (FPI) of the European Commission, the aim of this web documentary is to inform stakeholders of what an EOM is, how it works and how to participate effectively. Different sections coalesce into a comprehensive overview that includes a history of EU EOMs, the different stages of a mission and specific examples from a variety of countries (video clips and photo archives, technical factsheets).

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