Campaign on new CAP


This year has seen Mostra organise a range of successful initiatives as part of the campaign to promote the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to both farmers and the citizens, including short films, give-aways, events and a campaign website.

In order to raise public awareness and challenge misconceptions about the CAP reform, Mostra designed a creative campaign which sought to re-establish the link between our daily life and agriculture under the slogan « Agriculture our life, Agriculture our roots ». This was based on extensive research and has been presented through informative and visually appealing materials.

June 2013 saw the release of the video news release, a short film which explores the key aspects of the CAP reform – the importance of greening and biodiversity and assistance for small-scale farmers. The film was disseminated on TV and radio in 27 countries and has so far reached 18 million viewers.

On 22 September 2013 Mostra organised the European Commission’s tent at the Brussels Champêtre event to highlight the CAP campaign. The tent hosted various performances, workshops and cookery shows as well as distributing the campaign material to the 60 000 visitors who attended the event.

The campaign looks to build on the initial success with further web, TV and cinema activities planned for 2014.

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