Broadcasting the European elections across the EU


On Sunday 25th May, a team of just 50 broadcast professionals from three companies, led by ICF Mostra, achieved a Herculean task with barely three week’s preparation: the transmission of all the backstage (and front page) buzz, hype, facts, figures, gossip, opinions, posts, Tweets and ‘up-to-the-millisecond’ news and data on the European elections in Brussels live across the EU. In short, four and a half unbroken hours of high-quality, multi-format programming, broadcast on YouTube, EPTV (the web television of the European Parliament run by ICF Mostra) and European mainstream TV channels.

What we did

The hub of the broadcast operations was a nine-camera, two-set studio up specially installed at the heart of the European Parliament. Under the expert eye of the ICF Mostra Editor-in-Chief, the studios welcomed 25 high-level guests (politicians, journalists, academic experts, film makers) for discussion and commentary around six key topics. Two moderators manned the helm, managing a variety of four-person debates and, every 30 minutes, analysing live the latest election results, as well as comments spilled on social media from around the EU.

The studio pieces were supplemented by material from four roving reporters rubbing shoulders with the main political groups in some of Europe’s key capitals (Berlin, Paris, Athens and Warsaw), as well as footage from a ‘vox pop’ crew collecting instant reactions on the ground at the Parliament. 12 pre-edited, topical reports were fed into the studio show at strategic intervals, while an on-site graphic artist ‘cartooned’ live during the debates, bringing colour and humour to the more serious chat.

Who we reached

An audience of around 40 000 followed us on YouTube, while Bulgaria and Lithuania’s main broadcast channels attracted viewers well in excess of 1.5 million. Perhaps as importantly, the profile of EPTV has been significantly boosted, with potential new visitors attracted to its daily schedule of high-quality, lively broadcasts on the things that really matter for Europe’s 500m+ citizens.


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