Behind the scenes at Green Week 2014


For the European Commission’s annual Green Week conference, ICF Mostra once again took on the role of coordinating audiovisual activities at the event. This included carrying our media relations and providing audiovisual coverage of the conference and its sessions. This year saw an increase in attendance of both participants and journalists, which kept our press officers and cameramen busy. Video teams were made available to audiovisual journalists for filming their reports on site and three daily news bulletins were also produced by ICF Mostra and made available on YouTube.

ICF Mostra’s was extra busy this time around thanks to the opportunity to profile the Generation Awake campaign which we are also currently running for DG Environment. In a special exhibition the winning designs of young ‘upcyclers’ – or creative reusers of discarded materials - were on display. This initiative especially caught the attention of the press with features published in renowned newspapers such as France’s Le Monde.

The theme of this year’s Green Week was the Circular Economy, Resource Efficiency & Waste. The motto was, ‘saving resources, creating jobs’.

Green Week 2014

Generation Awake

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