Back to the Future Day and Identity theft


21 October 2015 is Back to the Future Day and celebrates when Marty McFly and Doc Brown arrived from 1989. With the occasion trending across the web, the European Parliament saw an opportunity to discuss the issue of data protection. But is it possible to link the two?

ICF Mostra was tasked by the European Parliament (EP) to produce a short web clip highlighting both. The final video shows the DeLorean, the famous time travelling car from Back to the Future, driving across the esplanade of the European Parliament. As onlookers gather, the car stops, smoke appears and the doors opens. We expect to see Doc Brown emerge, but instead… it’s an imposter!

The idea was to communicate data protection issues by using Back to the Future Day as a way to take advantage of the strong social media traffic. In just three short weeks, ICF Mostra sourced the car, found the cast, arranged filming and produced a 44 second clip that also featured quality special effects and animations.

‘Go Back to the Future today - just as you are!’ can be viewed on the European Parliament’s Facebook page, Twitter and YouTube channel.

In related news, EuroparlTV, the web TV of the EP, aired a video exploring data protection with German Greens/EFA MEP Jan Philipp Albrecht. “Europe is the biggest common market in the world and therefore we have an effect on big internet companies like Facebook, Amazon or Google – who need to respect our rights,” says Albrecht.

Data protection: Keeping your privacy. Read how the European Parliament is working on it.

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