Awards and applause...

European Excellence Awards 2015

ICF Mostra was shortlisted at the European Excellence Awards 2015 with Horizon, the EU Research and Innovation Magazine, in the category Science and Education.

Two ICF Mostra representatives joined the Gala in Stockholm and met our PROI Worldwide partners who participated in the Awards too. Lansons, PROI UK, won the Agency of the year Award. 

Horizon Magazine

Horizon Magazine efficiently promotes EU-backed research and development by translating complex research into high-impact, newsworthy material online, ready to be shared on social platforms and run by media outlets around the world.

Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards

Two ICF Mostra videos have been awarded a Silver Dolphin in Cannes ! The winners of the 6th Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards were revealed on October 15th at the Palm Beach Cannes during an exquisite Awards Gala Dinner. These two videos were among 722 entries from around the world for the prestigious Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. They have been chosen as part of 152 distinguished videos.

Winners are announced here

Silver Dolphin - Bristol, European Green Capital 2015

We won a Silver for this celebration clip produced for the winner of the 2015 European Green Capital Award, Bristol, in the category of ‘Corporate Films and Videos – Environmental Issues and Concerns’. ICF Mostra was asked by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Environment (DG ENV) to produce a video seeking to promote the city of Bristol as European Green Capital Award (EGCA) winner 2015. EGCA aims to provide an incentive for cities to inspire each other and share best practices, while at the same time engaging in friendly competition

Silver Dolphin - Usama Hasan's story

We won a Silver for Usama Hasan's testimony, subscribed in the category ‘TV Documentaries and Reports – Ethnology & Sociology’. This video is part of a series of five de-radicalisation videos testimonies produced for the European Commission’s Directorate General of Migration and Home Affairs (DG HOME) to profile its support of efforts to counter radicalisation in the EU. Usama Hasan’s story is a positive example of formerly radicalised European citizens who now speak out against extremism. All the testimonies are available on ICF Mostra’s TV Link.

Deauville Green Awards

Two of our audiovisual productions have earned Totems at the 4th edition of the Deauville Green Awards ! One Silver in the category 'Agriculture & Green Economics' and one Special Award "Cézame Music Agency". The Award ceremony took place on the 11th of June in Deauville, France.

Silver Totem - Habitat Natura 2000 - For nature and for people

Each clip is a positive presentation of activities in a Natura 2000 area which illustrates the key message “For nature and for people”. The clips cover different themes: Eco-Tourism in Sweden; Forestry in Germany; Agriculture and pastoral farming in Slovakia; Maritime protection and fisheries in Spain. Each time we follow one expert working in the area of preservation and one person who has an economical activity in the area in order to demonstrate how both interests can be compatible with Natura 2000 areas.

What is Natura 2000?

Special Award - Bristol, the 2015 European Green Capital

Bristol, UK, the 2015 European Green Capital (EGC), is a forward-thinking and highly livable green urban city, which promotes economic and cultural growth through community projects that focus on citizens themselves. This video clip tries to capture the free-spirited essence of the city, its businesses and projects, showing some of the reasons why Bristol won the Green Capitals title in 2015