Awards and applause...

Shanghai PR Awards for Excellence

SPRG has earned the 7th Shanghai PR Awards for Excellence – Silver, for the promotion of “Europe – whenever you’re ready” global campaign.

Silver Award - EUROPE: Whenever you're ready

Europe – whenever you’re ready, is a campaign sponsored by the European Commission with the objectives to attract international tourists to Europe and raise the visibility of Europe as a top destination by promoting major European events, tourism-related EU programmes, and European tourism products, at all times having a clear European angle, i.e. promoting the diversity of Europe. And China is regarded as the key feeder market.

In the joint hand with ICF Mostra in Brussels, SPRG has developed and successfully implemented multiple online and offline communication tactics in China market since September 2012 till January 2014. Extensive social buzz around Europe as the best international destination has been achieved via social platforms like Weibo, BBS, blog, video website as well as in-depth feature articles from a variety of angles. This accolade has highly recognized and successful delivery of the campaign as well as the creativity of the team.

SPRG and ICF Mostra are PROI Worldwide partners.

Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards


The 4th edition of the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards took place in Cannes, France, on 17 October to award the best corporate films, on-line media and TV Documentaries. ICF Mostra was among the winners of the coveted awards at the special ceremony and gala dinner. This year saw a number of 719 entries representing 40 countries worldwide, with 120 winners being awarded the prestigious Dolphin Trophies in 36 categories. This year ICF Mostra scooped Silver Awards in the Tourism Film and in the Environment and Ecology categories.


Silver Dolphin - EUROPE: Whenever you're ready

The European Commission asked ICF Mostra to promote Europe as the world's number one tourist destination to visitors from Brazil, Russia, India, China, Argentina and Chile. 

In order to promote the diversity of Europe, we decided to propose a number of themes to concentrate the clip around. These were: history and culture; urban development and architecture; nature and landscape beauty; active holidays and sport; leisure activities and nightlife; gastronomy, shopping, arts and crafts.

We collaborated with our partner agencies to lay the foundations for a ‘decentralised’ campaign. To ensure coherence across diverse target countries, ICF Mostra coordinated the activities and designed a set of communication tools for local customization, accessible via a dedicated website available in English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian.

Client: The European Commission Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry

Silver Dolphin - Going Green: EU Gears Up For Rio+20

In preparation for the 20th UN Earth Summit or Rio+20 Conference, this Video News Release (VNR) offers unusual footage which explores how the EU is helping to promote clean energy projects in Africa and sustainable development in the wider world. With a focus on e-waste recycling in India and renewable energy in Morocco, the VNR presents the green economy and global poverty eradication in practice.

In June 2012, world leaders, NGOs and the private sector came together for the Rio+20 Conference to discuss global environmental challenges and how best to promote sustainable attitudes to production and consumption. In advance of the Summit, the European Commission Directorate General for Environment asked ICF Mostra to produce a VNR to feature two examples of projects that are invigorating and expanding the ‘green economy’.

The VNR, produced in three language versions (English, French and an international version without voiceover or subtitles) highlights the green economy’s vast business potential and puts two inspirational projects into the spotlight. The first is an Indian project – co-financed by the EU – that helps tackle the discarding of an ever-increasing amount of electrical or electronic items, or e-waste. The second features another EU-funded project – the cutting-edge Melloussa wind farm in Morocco, which is the largest of its kind in North Africa.