Awards and applause...

Erasmus EuroMedia Awards

The EuroMedia Awards honour media productions focusing on the discourse of European Societies and the promotion of European Values.

Opinion Corner, ICF Mostra in-house magazine

The third edition of ICF Mostra’s in-house digital magazine on EU communications issues focuses on how the rest of the world views the European Union.

Opinion Corner 3rd edition features interviews with musician Goran Bregovic, branding guru Simon Anholt and well-known journalists, politicians, communications experts and analysts in Brussels, London, Ankara, Washington DC and Moscow. Vox-pops were also carried out in Burkina Faso, Mexico, Shanghai and Egypt to find out how the public views the EU. In addition to receiving a EuroMedia Seal of Approval, ICF Mostra won a Special Award for Aesthetics and Design. In their citation, the judges from the European Society for Education and Communication noted: “Opinion Corner is an excellent multimedia product which is very well conceived, and presenting a user-friendly design. It offers dynamic elements, stimulating graphics, vibrant colours and a high chromatic contrast.” The full citation can be found here.